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Alain Lavallée 17/03/2011 .

Lavallée Alain is an IT specialist with several interests like art and travelling.

"We love to have a dinner on the channel boat of my father ,
with my good friend Hugo as as cook and drinking good wines."

In the past we did a lot of sailing with some good friends (Paul, Jurgen, Hugo, Luciano, ...) and we will put some photos of that 
on this website soon.

Jurgen became a shipper for wescoast sailing, north-sea sailing and other Belgium charter companies.
He started as one of my students at vizo education centre (now called syntra),
and is now himself teaching a syntra. .
He owns an it -company named

On a professional site , I am specialised in Oracle, Unix, telecommunications as
system-engineer, project-manager and financial developper.

I studied Applied Economics (Handelsir.) and Informatics (Bijz. lic. informatica)   at VUB brussels,
but also Telecommunications at Groep-T Leuven school for engineers.
Lastly I also passed some certification exams for Oracle DBA.

Member of Board Willemsfonds

Currently I am studying ccna1/ccna2 at CVO Heusden.




More photos to come.

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